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Our Cyber Rural Exchange (CRX) is a small distributed digital central office exchange, primarily intended for rural, remote or community telephone applications. Our CRX is used by local telephone operating  companies to provide switched connections for local subscriber-to-subscriber communications and subscriber to the long distance networks. Our CRX is a "state-of-the-art" digital switching and networking system utilizing distributed architecture, which permits our CRX to be cost effective for applications requiring from 448 subscribers up to 8,960 subscribers. 


One single node of CRX supports 512 ports which can be configured for subscriber lines, toll trunks or inter-nodal networking trunks. Each node can provide voice communication service for up to 448 subscribers, and up to 20 nodes can be networked to provide services for up to 8,960 subscribers. Therefore, CRX offers modular expansion in increments of 448 subscriber lines.





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