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Cyber Digital, Inc. is a manufacturer of Internet switching equipment which will assist you in becoming an Internet Service Provider (ISP). We offer a revolutionary approach to high speed Internet connectivity for commercial properties. This new service connects tenants directly to the Internet and eliminates excessive ILEC 'local loop' charges. 


In addition, you will generate monthly revenue from your tenants! No other equipment manufacturer makes this claim. We will prepare your building to earn revenue, including the wiring/cabling , installation, maintenance and service on all of our equipment. 


The Cyber Digital Internet Access Network (CIAN) is a software/hardware platform that provides your tenants the benefit of a Tier- 1 class ISP located right in your building! Our equipment is similar to systems found at your local telephone or IP backbone company. You can bypass the 'last mile' ILEC bottleneck to connect your building directly to the Internet backbone. This ensures that your tenants receive the very best service under the umbrella of the most reliable telecommunications company the world, your in building ISP.   





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