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Our CIAN®  (Cyber Internet Access Network) high-end distribution router, is a standards-based, carrier-grade ISP networking device - designed specifically to provide a seamless interface to the Internet for multiple clients. Our CIAN routers are specifically designed for the creation of next generation local loop digital broadband networks by Internet service providers.  

CIAN® aggregates bandwidth at multiple T1to T3 rates, and then through software control, 're-distributes' the total bandwidth into 64Kbps (DS0) channels. These channels can be applied singly or in multiples to any of CIAN's 40 access ports. This allows the speed of a given port to be set or adjusted simply by adding or subtracting 64kbps channels. For example, assigning four DS0 channels to a particular port provides 256Kbps symmetrical access to the Internet. 

CIAN's operation is fundamentally different from other multi-tenant solutions that use bandwidth management techniques. These devices provide 'average' or 'burst' speeds on a shared bandwidth basis. CIAN's channelization provides completely independent access ports that maintain their assigned speeds at all times and under all conditions. 

CIAN® features distributed ultra-scalable hardware, with capacities ranging from 0.1Gbps to 0.5Gbps designed to grow as your needs grow, transparently and economically, to a scale capable of supporting all your present and future Internet service provision needs.









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